By Jeb Bladine • President / Publisher • 

GOP race marked by puzzling politics

Next week’s New Hampshire primary may end the campaign by former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.

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Don Dix

"Among all candidates, Huntsman is the only one who consistently expresses clear, thoughtful ideas based on varied world experience instead of a combination of stale party politics and personal bias."

There is little room for clear and thoughtful ideas in any election, in part because politics has never owned that trait. Stale party politics and personal bias are proof that these nominations and elections are not about what is best for the country -- but what is best for the survivor.

-- "in a country that seems to thrive on childish politics instead of seeking intelligent solutions to immediate and long-term challenges."

That phrase epitomizes the entire nomination process for both parties, as well as the national elections.

The U.S. would be much for the better if we could rid ourselves of the political parties that do little but point fingers and make accusations towards the other candidate, and (if elected) do very little for anyone but themselves and their contributors. It seems that the idea of representing the people has become secondary at best.

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