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Get away from it all with random thoughts

I’m going fishing this week, so don’t look here for perspective on events of the week.

There’s a TV in the cabin and sporadic Internet access at the lodge, so breaking news will be available. But I’ll be slow-trolling around the lake in an otherwise mindless focus on the tip action of a fiberglass rod — actually, two rods, now that Oregon lets us double-dip fish for an extra $17.

“Mindless” may be too negative a word. As we know, there’s something therapeutic in setting aside life concerns, at least for a short time, in favor of pure focus on something disconnected from it all. Still, even as I try to block out other thoughts, there always are a few random revelations sneaking up on me.

Occasionally, one sticks, and I return from the four-day trip with a newfound resolution. Usually, though, they are just haphazard notions that quickly fade away, as well they should. If I ever tried to write them down, it might look something like this:

  • Our remote controls are too complicated. Televisions should stop, go forward or reverse with a blink of the eye.
  • Putting your best foot forward is always hard when you’'re walking through a cow pasture. Maybe that’s why politicians make so many missteps.
  • I'’m remembering more things from my past in vivid detail, so why can’t I remember what I had for breakfast yesterday? Getting older, our brains are drawn to things that most define the lives we’ve led. That’s good news for most people; not so much for others.
  • Many opponents of same-sex marriage also are fiery critics of cohabitation. Now that we are legalizing same-sex unions, I wonder if those people will urge gay and lesbian couples to get married to avoid the negative impact of cohabitation.
  • I like sunsets. But I have to admit that the sky at daybreak is something special. Every time I see a sunrise, I’m reminded there’s one more chance to get things right.
  • I want my next pet to learn how to use the toilet.

And so, for all of you who didn’t catch a fish today — and I know that’s the majority — here’s hoping you stopped at least briefly to smell whatever roses rejuvenate your psyche. And here’s hoping that your random thoughts were more rational than mine.

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Don Dix

Good luck Jeb'! I know from experience you really do need two poles to keep up! Swim-bys don't count! No fair fishing where the state dumps the planters. And make sure you have some extra help getting the boat back on the trailer! Seriously, have safe trip -- Don

Jeb Bladine

The accurate responses, in order: Yes I do. No, but I wish they did. I never do that. Sure needed some this year, as usual. And thanks, it was safe as always!

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