Generations of tradition

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We definitely all grew up in that building. Its one of my most comfortable places to go. Part of what is left out (humble men Marv and De-Armond) is they've both been Elk and Officer of the Year. Andrew has been Officer of the Year as well. They all work very hard to make sure the place is fun to hang out at. I will never forget as a child, helping deliver Christmas baskets, hiding Easter eggs, or even hanging coats in the coat room during the formal events. I, myself was extremely honored a few years ago to have my grandfather present me with my Elk of the Year award. It gave me such pride in knowing that I had achieved this and someone so into the lodge as my grandfather and father were there. One of the proudest accomplishments an Elk can achieve. It takes a group of supporters and though we have always had a main core, we are constantly seeking members that want to share the pride and joy of membership with us. There is a lot of fun to be had also! New Years is coming, Civil War, Super Bowl...the list goes on!

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