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Gaston man dies in Highway 47 wreck

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May you rest in Gods hands Mr Fisher.

For the NR map research person. The last time I drove through Gaston, it was just north of Yamhill, no where near Coffeeville, Kansas.

Reporter Starla Pointer

ExMacPat is referring to the map that appeared with this story, which I have deactivated. The map originally showed the correct location on Highway 47 near Gaston, but due to some kind of gliche in the software it morphed into a default map of Kansas. This has happened with several maps in the past; thanks for pointing it out, ExMapPat, so I could take down the misleading visual.

Michael Tubbs Sr

".... thanks for pointing it out, ExMapPat...."


Highway 47 in Yamhill County can be very treacherous to drive at night. There is no shoulder, lines are faded, road reflectors are few, there are no street lights between towns, and speeds in excess of 60 mph are the norm. When there is fog or heavy rain it is of course that much worse. To those of you with whom I share this road, please slow down, pass with care and leave a safe gap between you and the next vehicle!

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