By Mackenzie Allen • reporter • 

Gas prices continuing to drop

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Don't be fooled people, gas prices are going to skyrocket come 4th of July weekend. Fill up now if you can!


Wrong. Prices will continue to drop due to the price of crude, the western refinery's back up and running after switching blends (not necessary by the way) and the continued speculation the EU is going to go down in flames.


It amazes me that in the middle of town we have a chevron charging $3.61 for premium and about a block away shell is charging $3.77 (see picture above). What kind of an idiot doesn't look up and see that they could save 16 cents a gallon by continuing on for one more block? I bet all of the people going to shell are bitching about gas prices too. I don't understand how they stay in business. I guess it's just a sign that most people are stupid. If you buy gas there, you're just contributing to the problem.

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