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Gang fight leads to the arrest of two male juveniles

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All of them committed adult crimes. Lock 'em up!!!


Where are there parents? We need to be holding parents accountable for their kids. If i would have been introuble with the law once, my parents would have made sure i didnt do it again. I see so many young teens out on the street late at night, smoking or lotiering. People need to be involved with their kids. Most hipanic people are great but in general i notice its mainly hispanic kids getting into trouble like this. Have we thought about getting the community together to have somewhere safe and supervised for them to go, that is "cool"?


I think there is a fair share of Anglo kids getting into trouble, but in regards to this whole gang thing, unfortunately, I do think Hispanics are involved more often - is is that they lack identity? Do they need to fit-in and because we don't have enough healthy, productive options they turn to gangs? We do need community to step in and provide more education, entertainment, work, support, etc. to our youth, it IS our business because if we don't do something, they will take over and I certainly don't want my grandkids growing up with this crap.

I wish we had some type of boot-camp for kids who have gotten in trouble or been given an opportunity to shape up and haven't taken it - or when parents themselves just can't handle them (it happens!) - what is a parent to do when you take your kid to school and they sneak out? You punish them and they find a way to escape while you're at work? And spanking doesn't help - they need somewhere to go, they need help.

I wish we had a program that seemed like a punishment at first but turned out to be a great learning experience - constructing homes, feeding the hungry, assisting the elderly, putting care packages together for the homeless - something that they ended up feeling proud of being a part of and might just continue volunteering when their "time" is up and stay out of trouble, turn their lives around, find inspiration...well, I can dream can't I?


Zen, I couldn't have said it better myself.


ok judges time to start suspending licenses,and impounding cars or impounding and auctioning off vehicles of gang members,and lots of community service,if you don't crack down hard on these gang members then you are also part of the problem.


Ok, so we do have camps- they do not work unless you have parents that stand behind the child and work towards a brighter future for their kid.
As far as things to do for kids, I generally find that those who make this statement truly have no idea what their city offers. McMinnville offers various sports, clubs, special interests, trips, swimming, volunteer opps, jobs, and many, many other outlets for youth- but, they don't work if the parents do not support, investigate the options, and dedicate their free time towards guiding their children in to healthier alternatives for thier children.
The juvenile department is always looking for ways to focus the energies of thier spirited children into something more positive, and recently just had a story about a wonderful success.

You can wish, want, and desire until your heart is content, but until the parents of these children step up to the plate to the realization of what their breeding has caused things will continue to get worse. Parents who choose to have children, choose to be involved, and choose, to participate in their children's lives encounter fewer problems than those who breed without thought of a future, and they allow their children to run amok, because they simply do not have the time, nor the dedication to raise them right. When you place your child in the lowest priority of your life, society as a whole will suffer.

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