Funnel cloud over Mac caught on camera

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Awesome pics! It's not very often we get to witness such things in Yamhill County!


Well, pretty cool I guess. But my kin back in Kansas would get a chuckle out of this being published in the paper.
Kinda Reminds me of the news reporter feller up in Portland a couple years back. He stood out on a street corner providing live coverage of snow falling on the street. Must have stood there for ten minutes or so commenting on the texture of it, the depth, the rate, you name it.
I turned to the guy riding the treadmill next to me and asked him if he thought it was as funny as I did. He gave me a dirty look and never responded. I figure he was either hard of hearing and couldn't tell what I said or was a native Oregonian who was mad as hell that I had interrupted an exciting news broadcast right during the best part.


Well we're not in Kansas Toto, I think Ms Emily took some very good photos of something other than our "Oregon sunshine". They are very cool to look at.

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