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Fun easy to find at Newberg festival

The festival, hosted by the Newberg Fire Department, is scheduled to run Thursday, July 25, through Sunday, July 28. And it’s loaded with entertainment options. 

Last year, the festival introduced a geocaching competition — a modern day treasure hunting game using a GPS tracker to locate coordinates and find prizes. Geocaching has been around since roughly 2000, when GPS tracking first became accurate enough to pinpoint locations.

“Geocaching is actually a worldwide event and there are over one million geocaches hidden around the world,” said Kim Zoutendijk, who’s in charge of the event. “Some you have to repel down mountains for and some you have to water dive for, so it’s a pretty big thing.”

While there won’t be any rock climbing or cliff diving necessary in this competition, participants will need access to a car to drive from location to location.

The event is scheduled to get underway at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Each competitor will start with a list of GPS locations with hidden codes.

Once enough codes are located, the coordinates of the final prize are revealed, allowing someone to get the first fix on it. This year’s prize will be a custom trackable coin.

“Last year, participants visited the grounds to see what the festival had to offer and get a feel for the landscape,”  Zoutendijk said. “Everyone got GPS coordinates to drive to where they retrieve a log to give them new coordinates, eventually finding the permanent geocache with the final prize.”

Zoutendijk said more than 250 competitors showed up in the event’s first year.

“It was an amazing turnout last year,” she said. “We’re hoping for even more to come out this year.”

Those wishing to participate must first register for a free basic membership at, and can visit for more information.

The Antique Fire Apparatus show, a display of old fire trucks and parts dating back as far as the late-1800s, is another popular attraction. Upward of 30 pieces will be shown at the event, set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

This year’s version will feature a still-functional 1899 steamer from San Francisco. It will be used to stage pumping demonstrations throughout the day.

Other events and activities include parades, a carnival, fireworks show, 5K run, car show, dog show, Scout expo, bucket brigade and hymn singing event.

The free fireworks show, set for 10 p.m. Saturday, figures to be the festival’s biggest single attraction. Zoutendijk said close to 15,000 people have attended the display in years past.

Live music will also be offered on two different stages. The Chris Lloyd band will perform Friday. The 45’s, Tango Alpha Tango and Lace and Lead will play Saturday. Ben Rice and the Newberg Community Orchestra will split time on the festival’s main stage Sunday.

There is no entry to the festival itself, but there is a $20 carnival entry fee.

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