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Full speed ahead for the bypass

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The caption on the picture shown above (on page 7 of the print edition) says the bypass starts at Highway 217--wow, that's a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. Do you proofread??

Reporter Starla Pointer

Thanks for catching the typo -- of course, it's Highway 219 that's the start of the bypass.


If you have ever been caught in that Dundee snag, a little dust, rocks and dirt is minor.


It seems as though there is a "bypass intoxication" that causes all the issues to be completely overlooked with this project. First, in order to supposedly make this work, the fishhook will add yet another stoplight to 99W. In case the designers haven't noticed, it's the stoplight in Dundee coupled with a two lane road through town that has caused this mess to begin with. Why not do a split overpass so that traffic can merge on and off 99W without all the fishhook stoplight mess? Next, how is 99W traffic suppose to get to and from the east end of the bypass? Springbrook Road appears to be the route. So, left turn off of 99W at the Springbrook Road intersection, followed by another left turn at 219/Springbrook intersection. It will be such a mess that traffic will not go that direction. My prediction, the day this two lane cowpath (er, bypass) opens traffic will be worse than it is now - nearly $400 million dollars spent and the situation will be worse than what it is now. Is there a problem currently? Yes. Is this panacea expensive poorly designed two lane bypass the answer? No. It will further compound an already bad traffic problem. There are better answers...........please stop the intoxication.


Yes, but we will have a Bypass. The "leaders" will be able to pat themselves on the back and the newspaper will be happy. It doesn't matter that the "fix" will be a dangerous two-lane truck filled highway. That will be just another reason to ask for more money to make it a four lane mess. Wait until the "traffic dampening" structures are put in place in Dundee to divert as much traffic as possible onto the Bypass. Yes, this will be the most expensive ODOT project in history for 3.8 miles of more problems, but the satisfaction for some will be important.

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