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Full house for annual tournament

More than 200 wrestlers and 16 teams descended Friday on Willamina for the annual Bob Bishop Invitational, hosted by the Willamina wrestling program. The tournament again drew teams from four different classes, and it was 5A Dallas that edged out Willamina to win the team title.

Dallas scored 216 points and Willamina scored 204.5.

“The day went well,” Willamina coach Ariah Fasana said. “There were many great matches, and we had so much help from alumni and family. We couldn’t host this without all of our support.”

Yamhill-Carlton finished in 10th place with 63 points. Amity was 15th with 37 points, and Sheridan was 16th with 32.5 points.

Fasana said that there were a few wrestlers missing from most of the teams because of the just completed Christmas break. He said his own team was missing three varsity wrestlers, and he estimated that it cost him 30 team points. There were also a lot of ties for fifth place because the OSAA allows a wrestler to compete in five matches in a day, and many of the athletes hit that limit. Fasana said that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Our guys got some great experience,” he said, “and stepped up to win some big matches against past state qualifiers and placers.”

Willamina had 10 place winners and six finalists. The Bulldogs won four individual titles. Michael Reyes won at 113 pounds. He pinned Hudson’s Bay wrestler Darrion Green in 1 minute, 49 seconds. Coty Brown defeated Amity’s Loui Arroyo at 126 with a pin in the second period.

At 160, David Bridges defeated Dallas’ Nick Bradford 9-3. Jake Ward of Willamina won by pin in 3:56 vs. Austin King-Rinalta of Hudson’s Bay.

Sheridan sophomore Justin Acuff also won an individual title Saturday at 138 in Willamina. Acuff, who won a state championship last year as a freshman, defeated Dallas’ Brady Anderson 4-2 in a nail-biting finish. Anderson, who is ranked No. 3 at 138 in 5A, tied the match at two, put Acuff earned a takedown with 10 seconds left to win the match 4-2.

Willamina’s only returning state champion, Skyler Voigt, finished second at 120. He lost 4-0 vs. Matt Hofenbredl. Hofenbredl won a state championship last year for the Dragons in 5A.

Tommy Cobb finished second at 285 for the Bulldogs. He was pinned by Josh Parazoo of Scio in 1:45.

“This may be a preview of the state final,” Fasana said. “Tommy got caught in a bad position (Saturday), but he has six weeks still to make adjustments before the state tournament.

“Tommy has done great. He’s been wrestling really well. He’ll compete for us on any level.”

Yamhill-Carlton’s highest placer was Cezar Meza at 285. He beat Nestucca’s Sam Kenagy 3-2. Stefan Maxwell placed fourth at 138 as well for the Tigers. He lost 11-0 to Colton’s Brennan Olson in the third-place match.

The Bulldogs travel Saturday to Dallas for the Dragon’s home invite. Fasana said with more than a month of wrestling, he can make a better judgment of his team. He said the schedule his team has wrestled thus far would rival anyone in the state. Currently the Bulldogs are ranked No. 1 at 3A. They finished second last year at the state tournament.

“I think we are a top 5 team,” he said. “We have as much talent as we did last year.

Fasana did admit the Bulldogs have lost some wrestlers that would help them at state, but he is still shooting for 10 state qualifiers.

“Getting everything to pan out will be huge,” he said.

The Bulldogs qualified 13 for state last year when they finished second to Nyssa.


1. Dallas 216

2. Willamina 204.5

3. Hudson’s Bay 182

4. Central 111

5. Scio 104

6. Vernonia 92.5

7. Gervais 90

8. Colton 88

9. Tillamook 77

10. Yamhill-Carlton 63

11. Taft 61

12. Santiam 54

13. Corbett 45

14. Nestucca 44

15. Amity 37

16. Sheridan 32.5



1. Jerry Mealey, Corbett Fall :30

2. Ricardo Flores, Gervais

3. Jessee Stuhr, Dallas Fall 1:15


1. Michael Reyes, Willamina Fall 1:49

2. Darrion Green, Hudson’s Bay

3. Jordan Combs, Willamina Fall 1:01


1. Matt Hofenbredl, Dallas 4-0

2. Skyler Voigt, Willamina

3. Collin Swinehart, Century 7-2

4. Alex Ojeda, Hudson’s Bay

5. Orrin Ouska, Yamhill-Carlton TIE 5 match limit


1. Coty Brown, Willamina Fall 3:41

2. Loui Arroyo, Amity

3. Vance Brewer, Hudson’s Bay TIE 5 match limit

3. Vardan Gigoryan, Vernonia


1. Matt Dindinger, Dallas 12-6

2. Chris Gill, Gervais

3. Joe Salsbery, Taft Fall 2:41


1. Justin Acuff, Sheridan 4-2

2. Brady Anderson, Dallas

3. Brennan Olson, Colton 11-0

4. Stefan Maxwell, Yamhill-Carlton

5. Keegan Davis, Willamina TIE 5 match limit

5. Ryder Waite, Hudson’s Bay


1. Garrett Lawrence, Dallas Fall 4:59

2. Thomas Braun, Dallas

3. Tony Hayes, Colton FFT

4. David VanHorn, Corbett

5. Travis Garza, Willamina TIE 5 match limit

5. Trask VanArsedale, Yamhill-Carlton


1. Gunnar Metzgar, Hudson’s Bay Fall 1:05

2. Lucas Leslie, Nestucca

3. David Holmquist, Dallas TIE


1. David Bridges, Willamina 9-3

2. Nick Bradford, Dallas

3. Seth Steere, Taft TIE 5 match limit

3. Christian Stroup, Hudson’s Bay


1. Jake Ward, Willamina Fall 3:56

2. Austin King-Rinalta, Hudson’s Bay

3. Anthony Diaz, Gervais Fall :50

4. Scott Germany, Colton

5. Damien Byington, Dallas TIE 5 match limit

5. Kevin Kovachevich, Taft


1. Dawson Shay, Vernonia 7-5

2. Myron Moore, Tillamook

3. Tyler Heidt, Willamina TIE 5 match limit

3. Noah Stepp, Central

5. Christian Ybarra, Tillamook TIE 5 match limit

5. Avery McDaniel, Scio


1. Juston Cook, Scio Fall 1:50

2. Tristan Ringhouse, Dallas

3. Ricky Diaz, Gervais DFLT

4. T-John Wolf, Vernonia

5. Cody Quinton, Santiam 8-6

6. Jaycob Elmore, Corbett


1. Justin Parazoo, Scio 6-2

2. Jovanny Quintero, Hudson’s Bay

3. David Vidal, Central TIE 5 match limit

3. Jose Sallinas, Santiam

5. Nick Finch, Colton Fall 4:17

6. Aaron Campbell, Amity


1. Josh Parazoo, Scio Fall 1:45

2. Tommy Cobb, Willamina

3. Cezar Meza, Yamhill-Carlton 3-2

4. Sam Kenagy, Nestucca

5. Stephen Urdiales, Dallas 4-0

6. Dylan Jackman, Tillamook


-Results reported by Willamina wrestling.

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