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Friends to appeal Stoller case

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Don Dix

How ironic can this be? The 'friends' (sarcasm) claim LUBA 'muddied the waters' (in approving this permit). And yet history reminds us that those same people ('friends') are experts at that very tactic. This organization ('friends') desires delay, and wishes to cause financial burdens on applicants at every turn, witnessed by endless appeals and frivolous lawsuits.

"If left unchallenged, Friends believes, "it will lead to a significant increase in non-agricultural commercial activities in farm-zones with negative consequences for farming, for rural livability, and for the vibrancy of our small towns." As if being against any expansion or growth is a productive path!

And it hasn't been so long ago that many wineries lined up with this band of troublemakers to stop other land use ideas in the area. So much for the loyalty of 'friends', eh?


I love how the wine snobs all snuggle up to 'Friends' when anybody else wants to expand their business but then hate it when the same thing happens to them.
They sleep with the dogs and then 'wine' about getting fleas.

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