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Free medical clinic in the offing

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What a great idea. Kudo's to all involved.
I challenge all of the sign holders on the road by the library to lay down their signs, stop complaining and join up with these folks to do something good for the community.

troy prouty

I'm in to work and help out if it is on weekends.

Troy Prouty*

John Smith Jr

a service that is very much needed especially with more and more families living without healthcare, hope it is a huge success


I have been without health care for almost three years because I am a student who also stays home to raise my children. I can't get in on my fiance's medical plan because we are not married, yet I don't qualify for medical through the state, even if we pay for it, because they count my fiance's income against me. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Being a single income family, we just can not afford to purchase outside insurance for upwards of an extra 300 -600$ per month, so that leaves me really, really hoping I don't trip and fall, break a bone, or get some crazy germs.

Once I am done with school I can go to work, but for now, my children are small, they should have at least one parent at home if we can, it's just a shame that the days of a single family income are prosperous enough to support a family, and that a parent can no longer stay home to care for their children properly without leaving them with strangers.

Great deal, but what will the wait lines be like, and the... atmosphere.


Maybe it's time to stop 'shacking up' ... Manup?

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