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Flower, horticulture can be entered Tuesday

People entering other open class exhibits — such as photography, textiles and foods — had to register by July 18.

But Alt said those with flowers, garden produce, crops, scarecrows and other agriculture-related items can just bring them in. The fair book is incorrect in saying horticulture and floriculture exhibits must be pre-registered, he said.

Items entered Tuesday will be displayed in the Wiser Horticulture Pavilion through the fair, which runs July 30 to Aug. 2.

Horticulture covers fruits, nuts and vegetables and other crops. Floriculture covers roses, dahlias, annuals, perennials, biennials, indoor plants, outdoor plants, artistic arrangements and patio/porch mixed plants in containers. In addition, there is a special contest for scarecrows.

A complete list of classes and entry instructions can be found on pages 92-97 in the fair book. The book can be picked up at the fair office or viewed at YCF Book FINAL.pdf.

Alt can be reached at 971-241-1529 or

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