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Flap over novel erupts anew in Y-C

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Ridiculous: Shades of Lolita, Tropic of Cancer, Of Mice and Men, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, Native Son, An American Tragedy, On the Road, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, The Fire Next Time. Shame on this nation's bumpkin school boards. I guess it's back to Black Beauty and further adventures of those madcaps, Dick and Jane.


Lulu, not sure the school board is really the problem. It's unfortunate that people get caught up with some off-color language and miss the entire point of the reading...

I would like to see some follow up with Mr. Larson. He should be held accountable for his part...


Lulu, I agree with you. I haven't read the book Eleanor and Park so don't know what kinds of situations are involved but if the book does address bullying, abuse and the like, I would sure like my child to be educated. Even as an eighth grader. Abuse and foul language happen at all ages.

Can't we raise our children to be exposed to these things theoretically and give them the strength to make their own decisions or ask for guidance as to how to deal with uncomfortable situations? Can't we say that even though you read these words you don't have to use them. Even though you're reading about something that you've been taught to never do, it exists and you have the ability to say no. You also have adults who can help you if you're in trouble. Don't we want the children to know that?


Apparently not.


I applaud the YC school board for their courage in standing up for what is good and decent. It's refreshing to see that their are still people in this world who are willing to protect children from things that are morally wrong.


Maybe the Y-C people should get together and throw all those dirty, smutty books onto a bonfire. To guarantee the decent moral character of their children, naturally.

Horse with no name

... book burning, I'm sure ol' Lars would show up for that little affair. If Lars started apologizing now, he would have to quit his day job cause it would take the rest of his life to cover all the bull that's come out in the first half.


I'd be interested in hearing Mr. Larson's definition of "fake news".....

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