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Fired Mac police officer reinstated after arbitration

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This guy is a tyrant, no business being a police officer!!

john fritter

Hey look kids its okay to break the law and if you are a police officer you get rewarded for it!!!!! Anybody else would have been jailed for either event!


Hopefully they will put this knucklehead behind a desk where he could do the least amount of harm to the public. Another "old boys network" ruling. This decision is an insult to the overall intelligence of the community and a disgrace!


Well, once again he's in the ideal position to knock people around--obviously an activity at which he excels. I agree: another old boys' network decision. Wink, wink. What a black eye for McMinnville: on the surface we're Main Street USA. Underneath, there is corruption and collusion and brutality. The policeman is your pal? Don't bet on it. Not Heidt.




Just pathetic! Staying outside Mac's city limits until they find a way to get rid of this "officer".

Robert Lee

Due to this incident and others including a Mac police officer beating a child and being pulled over nine times in six months while living in Mac I moved out of the city entirely. I only go there when absolutely necessary now. Their police abuses lost a law abiding tax paying fully employed citizen.


The sense of entitlement by this guy and his wife is remarkable. At some point in our society's history, a person who had shamed his city to this level would quietly leave the area, tail tucked between legs, to seek a job elsewhere.

Not Tim Heidt!

Boy howdy, Mr. Heidt can hold his head up proudly after all this-- that is, if he's sober enough to hold his head up at all.


What I want to know is: how does the Mac PD anticipate dealing with a citizenry who has neither confidence in nor respect for the soon-to-be-reinstated Office Heidt. Having an officer on your force who is a laughingstock serves absolutely no useful purpose.


Don't get out of your car. Call 911.

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