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Fire truck carries important Christmas visitor

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do kids really believe in santa? i really want to know...

i mean, even as a very young kid, i always knew santa wasn't real, there was some excitement because of what he represented (x-mas around the corner, gifts, etc.) but i knew "santa" wasn't real, and all my friends knew too

i have always wondered about other kids and if their parents really feed into them believeing in something that will only crush their little hearts when they find out it isn't's like saying "when you turn 6 we're going to disneyworld" and you have your heart set on it and and then, "oh, well that was just something we said to get you excited but we're not really going" :-( what's the point?

I get the whole "magical innocense" thing but to me this is just confusing a kid, i knew of a kid who almost got kidnapped by a "santa" when he told him the was going to give him a ride in his sleigh! i always told my kids - the story of santa is beautiful but don't trust a guy at the mall who is dressed up in a red suit!

comments? thoughts? i am just a bitter old scrooge??!??

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