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Fire guts Sheridan home and adjoining garage Saturday night

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Can someone out there enlighten me as to why a ladder truck had to come from Dallas when there is one 4 miles away in Willamina and another 14 miles and better roads to McMinnville? oldeee


Not sure about West Valley Fire.. But as far as McMinnville goes, their ladder does not have a water line going to the top. Polk County has a platform that has a nozzle on it that can spray water from almost 100 feet in the air.


As to the Mac ladder truck, you are techinally correct in that the water line goes only to about the 96 foot level. Go have a look. oldeee

Michael Tubbs Sr

"Go have a look."

Good idea, oldseee. Perhaps you might take your tape-measure to Willamina's engine house for a lookseee, and while you're there, be sure to enquire as to why their ladder truck wasn't a part of the Saturday night response.


Word at the fire district seems to be that Sheridan specifically asked for the Dallas truck rather than one that was only 4 miles away.

skull crusher

That is odd. Someone should investigate that. lol

Wulfstan NW

Perhaps they were holding Willamina in reserve to cover any other local emergencies, since every truck in Sheridan was out?

Michael Tubbs Sr

skull crusher,

I'll ask my neighbor 'The Coon Whisperer' (he's a fireman) , and if it's not classified information, I'll get back to ya.


"coon whisperer". Even not knowing the background to that, it's funny.

IF this is the same ire, and I believe it is, there was some issues with a local gal who posted some pcs on ER FB page. Apparently someone affiliated with the house took offense and she took the pics back off her page.

Odd behavior, but glad to see the NR ran the story.

Michael Tubbs Sr

He's been our neighbor for three years now, and I'd been holding back on hanging a nickname on him until just recently.


Michael Tubbs Sr, i gotta say, your posts often make me laugh!

Hope they have insurance!


...and I'm glad no one was hurt

Michael Tubbs Sr

Me, too.

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