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Finding the Tao of 'political serfdom'

We now have our first presidential election campaign with unlimited “super PAC” expenditures.

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troy prouty

I think you need to look at two things. First is people. I think people have become extremely selfish. I think that is the biggest impact on politics. I think if people would care more about community, they would care more about politcs, and what is happening within our political system would not be happening today.

I think Ralph forgets sometimes that there is little difference from Government and many Corporations. It isn't about taking care of "the people" more than it is about surival for itself and to survive for it's own benefit. This is why we see government cuts services to us while increasing tax and also why those making huge amounts at the top, why not doing a whole lot, why the people below do most of the work and making less. I also think the PERS package is a perfect example of Government gone bad.. (sell that video).. I think Ralph remembers a time when it was different and govenrment was defined by the good it did with it's people. It wasn't all about them.

If we are going to fix the problems, then we need to not only fix the power of Corporations over the political process including the debates which is controlled by the two parties, but we will need government to actually care about it's people and also have the people become less selfish and more of a team/community effort. It takes all three. The key "selfishness".

Someone once accused Ralph of believing things have to get worse before they get better. Personally I have never heard him say that. However I believe that. Only when things get bad to extremes do changes happen at the levels needed. That is why governments get overthrown. No matter how much I want us to change, I personally think the only time it will happen, is in extreme circumstance.

Troy Prouty*

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