By Jeb Bladine • President / Publisher • 

Feds appeal Wallace Bridge ruling

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This is another example of how our Land Use Laws stifle any economic growth. The whole system is and was a lie to the public. I supported it when we were told that it would preserve the farm land and move growth and construction to the secondary lands comprised of poor soils. BS. They have continued to expand all cities on the level farm lands and prohibited any growth on the secondary lands. I know, I am an owner of acreage that has the wrong soil type listed and the wrong usage listed. It has NO rocks on it like the soil maps say and it is so steep that you cannot cultivate it. In order for me to correct the bureaucracy's errors I have been told it will cost me $ 20,000.00 to try and could take years. I hope this man " BUYS" his way in just like the developers have. BIG MONEY RULES ALL.!!!

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