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Federal suit alleges county conspiracy

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troy prouty

Well the Tichenor claim to date is still one of the biggest and I believe a person went to prison based not on fact but a lie.

Certainly add this to the Sheriff office and questionable behavior of some of their staff. I have seen them do questionable things that concern the citizen in me to question if those that do these things are good for the community.

I would ask Forbes if he was drunk.. But on the other hand there is a list of things I believe the Sheriff needs to change in order to improve the community.

troy prouty*

Dances with Redwoods

"But on the other hand there is a list of things I believe the Sheriff needs to change in order to improve the community." --Troy Prouty

Why not share your list of things to change here. No doubt he's always open to suggestions that may help to improve the community. Don't you think, Troy?

troy prouty

No, I don't think he is. He dodges me. wink..


troy prouty

but let me give you a couple.

Train your officers that in order to stop someone, they must have reasonable suspicion of a crime.

Train your staff to deal with mentally ill people. This just isn't them per say but Newberg Police as well. They let a person with an illness out in the colde with their stuff (left with Newberg) police, things like key, debt cards. They released the person with one shoe that worked. The person was not able to get their stuff from Newberg for two weeks after being released. Today that person is in a State facility getting help. Next time I hear of it, I won't be so nice and send emails and call cell phones that never get answered, they can expect a lawsuit (I'm always happy to refer people to Kafoury) wink..

After dealing with Seattle violations the last 6+ years, I have no problem drawing the "respect" line both ways with Federal backing it up.

Like I have always said have integrity (you do that, I'm there, you don't.. no go..)

troy prouty*

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