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Federal cuts force layoffs at hospital

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Hooray for Obamacare! Let's force providers to cut services and outsource jobs and after that, we'll ask them to take on more and more patients for the taxpayers to pay for who themselves will have even fewer options for services as the system bows under the strain. Brilliant.


It is unfortunate to see great places to work such as the hospital having to get rid of people due to our government not being able to control their spending. When will the time come that the people demand that these price cuts come from the pockets of the politicians and government officials instead of those working to support families on meager incomes?
I said it once, I'll say it again and again. DHS is a prime example, the head gets a six figure income, and has even hired several employee's during a freeze, yet no one looks at his/her income and says "hey, you don't really NEED a six figure income, lets adjust that a bit!" If we adjusted the salaries of those that are significantly high, how many more jobs could be saved? By doing so people get to keep jobs, and those that don't like the cuts are more then capable of quiting and standing in the line at the employment department..

Good luck to those who lost their jobs, they say the economy is getting better, I say those making those statements haven't lost a job yet, and they most certainly must not ever buy gas, or groceries- even the cheap cheese rose two dollars since I grocery shopped las month. No, the economy is not getting better.

troy prouty

I look at things a little different. Often times people get cut from work situations because somebody at the top refuses to give up a little so someone else can either have more or have a position. I think it is important to understand that. This happens in the private sector, it happens at a government level. Thus everyone is always fighting for money. Back stabbing this person, stealing and robbing, cutting someone from the job, etc..ect.. so they can have more or keep what they have.

Please remember most money isn't created, it's transferred from one source to another.

Obama isn't the enemy. Lust for money and seflishness at all forms is the true enemy, espcially in a society that's primary function is money. Thus it is just a matter of time before the whole thing unravels and comes crashing down. This means government and this means private enterprise.

Troy Prouty*


"..somebody at the top refuses to give up a little so someone else can either have more or have a position."
So, Troy, would you say communism or socialism is a better choice?

troy prouty

posted "So, Troy, would you say communism or socialism is a better choice?"

That's sort of a loaded question isn't it?

Figuring I said those at the top refuse to give up a little so someone else can have more.

Nope what I suggest is another form, called being human with moral integrity, and value community. Instead of saying "me" saying "us". To realize that what I do affects more than just my person. Everything if you will has a ying and a yang. Meaning that one thing affects another some positive and some negative, and to be fully aware and mindful to both sides before making a decision, and if I suffer a little so 1000 others won't suffer so much. That is not a bad thing. That when someone speaks on me - it's not about my position of employment, or how much money I have, but rather what I contribute outside of that.

If you asked me a system to build a system that I think would make America strong for a long time to come. I think I would probably take many different approaches from several styles including some so called socialist (we already have some) fyi.. And some from out current system and some that has never been formed before. Along with other styles that currently exist.

Troy Prouty*


I get what Troy is saying. Myself and another manager at work took pay cuts to keep our crew together

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