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Farmer goes hungry for his cause

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Today I have decided to start a new holiday that I will call the 'The Ramsey Feast'...the length of which or days in number is yet to be determined.

In homage to Ramsey and his hunger strike, I will be feasting on Italian sausage and pasta tonight, of which I promise zero/none will find it's way into the Riverbend landfill.



Can't promise the same for Virgil, Scoob's or 'little sweetie's yard leavings, though, of which do tend to amount to somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 pounds on a monthly average.

I'm going to make a point of bringing my D70 along for the ride past Riverbend from here on out. I've missed what would have made for some excellent shots of the our local Elk herd out here grazing along Hwy 18 during our last two drives to Mac.

I definitely wouldn't want to miss any shots of Ramsey propping himself up on sticks like some kinda boney scarecrow out in his front yard. Nope, I wouldn't want to miss that shot for anything in the world. If and when I take that shot, I'll hopefully be allowed to post it here on the News-Register's Valley Eye

That is, if Marcus doesn't beat me to it ;)


Wow--here I thought you took exception to snide comments, or does it merely depend on who's talking? By the way, you mean "bony" and not "boney." Your happy face is wrong, too.

ban lan gen not pot

Lulu, are you referring to comments made on another thread? If so, which one, in which topic of conversation?

ban lan gen not pot

"I would also suggest you refrain from the snide snipes and being the sole arbiter of what is sporting and what is not." --Seabiscuit

Obviously, a case of mistaken identity on your part, Lulu.


Anywho, meanwhile back at the ranch, the scarecrow concept might actually work well for Ramsey should the idea catch on.

Lulu, mull this over for a moment if you will. You, yourself might consider placing an emaciated effigy of Ramsey out in your own front yard, with perhaps some modest signage stating your support for his hunger strike?

Kinda like how the Guy Fawkes thingy works, though, we should probably wait until Ramsey's face gets a little more gaunt before creating the mold of his likeness that will need to go into mass-production.

Heck, I can easily envision tens of people on pogo-sticks bouncing up and down in front of Riverbend in full scarecrow regalia shouting 'We're Mad as ....bla bla bla...bla bla...bla bla bla ....BLA!"

Just a thought, do you have anymore?


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