By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Family of five loses home and possessions

Ricardo Ramirez, his pregnant wife and their three children were out for the evening. When they arrived back at their home southwest of McMinnville, at 21185 S.W. Eagle Point Way, they saw that it had burned down.

The family went to the McMinnville Fire Department to learn what had happened.

“They had just bought the house last October,” said Division Chief Debbie McDermott. “It’s pretty sad.

“They had put their life savings into buying the house, and they were excited about it. They had never lived in the country. They thought it would be nice to raise a family out there.”

 The American Red Cross immediately stepped in to provide interim assistance. The agency is putting the family up at a local motel for six days while they make future living plans.

McDermott said the family has insurance.

“That will help,” she said. “But they have no clothing. Everything was in there. Just imagine. Everything.

“They had just put in new appliances. They were redoing everything. It’s pretty devastating.”

The first firefighters arrived shortly after 7 p.m. By then, flames had consumed about three-quarters of the home, which McDermott believed had probably been built in ‘70s.

McDermott said a dog was seen running loose in the area when the first crew reached the scene.

The Yamhill County Fire Investigation Team took a look Thursday morning, but said the extent of damage would make it difficult to determine the cause. “It was so far gone when we got there,” McDermott explained.

The McMinnville and Amity departments sent more than a dozen firefighters on six pieces of equipment. The Amity department also supplied a water tender.

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