By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

Falcons to fend off landfill pests

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They are using falcons to chase the scavenger birds off the dump so they will forage "elsewhere." What keeps them off nearby farms? I wonder how many of the 200 seagulls and 3000 starlings showed up at vineyards and farms instead of feeding at the dump. I am not convinced this was the "neighborly" thing to do. Maybe they should instead be financing falcon services for the neighbors.


So essentially, if they did nothing about the pest issue they would be bad neighbors, but because they ARE doing something about the pest issue they are bad neighbors?

It's so refreshing to hear from folks who obviously have not a single ounce of bias in their bodies about the local landfill.

Call me John

c'mon people, the landfil is there because we fill it, if people recycled more, if compaies were smarter about packaging, it wouldn't be as big of an issue, but we as americand like luxury and the easy way out - some families use paper plates for every meal, some use paper towels for cleaning everything instead of having reusable towels, some people buy a tiny bottle of perfume in packaging that is way to big and full of plastic......i don't blame the landfil, i blame ourselves

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