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Fair puts focus on health care market

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troy prouty

There will always be a need for healthcare. The question is what will our healthcare system become. Right now is a scary time in healthcare. Most hospitals are laying people off. Insurance companies aren't paying providers % wise like they use too, and government is also cutting %. I see potentially wage decreases in many fields in healthcare just because the reimbursements rates are causing a serious issue.

People will often put private sector vs government reimbursement. However I think both have problems. For example I believe private insurance causes more adminsitration cost to healthcare, on the other hand government payments are less.

I'm afraid unless changes in healthcare happen from Government, Private Insurance, and providers - Things will only get worse. Obama's healthcare is a joke. Now people will be spending money on paying for insurance, but not being able to afford to go to the doctor. Trust me it happens - I deal with it daily!

Troy Prouty*

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