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Experts: Calif refinery fire will boost gas prices

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Why not cut Chevron employee bonuses and perks and make them responsible for their fire instead of those of us who get screwed while filling their car just trying to get to work?!?!

Michael Tubbs Sr

I'm not saying this is related, but you never know. I'd been working on the foundation of a new 'cracker unit' at the ARCO Refinery in the city of Carson for about five months, and none of us were allowed to smoke. Personally, I'd thought that to be reasonable. Then one day a chain-smoking engineer from the Fluor corporation showed up on site, and a chain-link fence was installed around our entire work area so as to accommodate his habit.

About a month before his arrival very loud sirens could be heard blaring at the refinery, that were a bit un-nerving to say the least and I'd asked the guy I'd been partnered up with at the time "WTF is going on, are we supposed to be fleeing for our lives?"

His reply was..."Naw don't worry about it, the place catches fire all the time, we're cool, nothing to worry about, we're working in a designated smoking area, nothing to catch on fire here..."


Again. Didn't we just semi recover from over 4.00$/gallon? I need an electric car.

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