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Ex-teacher faces charge in Y-C

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I think this is ridiculous. Girls have such power these days! The power to destroy lives....I find it very sad that the Yamhill County Sheriff department doesn't have better things to do with their time. Does the parents of these girls realize what they are doing to another family? REALLY is it worth ruining other lives???????????????


I understand your point BEE, but no adult should EVER put their hands on a child...especially if they are not their own. This man was suppose to be an example to the children of the community he teaches, and is on the board of the city council. He is SUPPOSE to be an example to everyone. ON ANOTHER NOTE: I am a parent of a student at the school he taught at, and I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the lack of communication about this incident to us. Our children came home in early March with rumors, and questions.. so because nobody ever said a word to the parents of the student body, we had no choice but to tell our children they were wrong, and it was inappropriate for them to talk about it, because it could damage a teachers reputation. Imagine our shock when nearly a month later, we are seeing this story in the NR and on the news. This should have been reported to the parents of the school as well, so that we could make this a teaching moment, and be better prepared to answer the questions that our students have had. SHAME ON THE YCIS staff for keeping this from the parents. We are a small, close knit community, and I find it very discouraging that the school and district chose to keep this from the people that support their jobs and depend on them for the safety of our children day in and day out. And as far as ruining other lives, while these girls may not have theirs ruined? How dare you blame them. They are victims of a teacher who CHOSE to behave this way. HE is the adult, no challenge, or joke should have been worth HIS job...which HE made the decision to do this...HE is the one who made the choice to ruin HIS OWN life. If it were your child...I am positive you would be LIVID.

troy prouty

Maybe off the subject a little bit:

One thing I have noticed over the last several years. I can't really speak about this case. But I have noticed a lot of teens disrespectful of adults, in turn I think some adults take that okay and others not so okay.

I think a lot of people just aren't parent's anymore, Someone once said "When I grew up" I was more afraid of my parents than the being in trouble with the police" It appears those days are now gone!

When I grew up and I did something wrong at school, they would use the paddle on me. I had it happen once in my life. I don't have PTSD over it ! But it ddi tell me to "not do that"

That being said, my biggest regret in life was getting blamed for something I didn't do, and instead of sticking up for myself ( I gave in like I did it) so class could continue.

I'm not saying kids need spanked etc..etc.. But let's look at some reality. As an adult we are suppose to be held accountable for our actions. When we don't do our job, we get fired, when we break the law we go to jail or get a fine or both. Don't pay bills, often end up in court.

To me being a youth means there should be consequences for behavior, and I just don't see a lot of that happening within our society like we need.

I think being a teacher is a difficult job and I wouldn't want it from a liability stand point, same with a police officer. I do expect higher standards in those positions and better level of control than most, it is important to know that before you start working in it. My hope is that both parties can look at their actions in this situation and see how each of them may or may not have contributed to it and be accountable for their part (this includes being punished).

Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr

"....grabbed her by the hips, picked her up,turned her upside down, carried her into a classroom and feigned depositing her in a trash can."

If the above statement is true, my opinion would be, Melvin Jordan is a child molester.


Let's discuss non-reporting:

Mr Chivaro's statement belies the sequence of events. By early March Mr. Jordan was gone. Our children told us this and a substitute began teaching Mr. Jordan's class. How could Mr. Chivaro possibly have been unaware of the inner workings of this case? Untruth or incompetence?

How can a principle, or a dean of students not know about this situation? It is public knowledge, posted on the Teachers Standard of Practice website, that Mr. Jordan had been disciplined several years prior for very similar behaviors, under a different principle.

Is Mr. Jordan a good instructor? Yes. Does he have a problem? Indeed.

From my experience as a parent within this district, I would assert that Mr. Jordan's situation is the symptom of a much larger issue which centers around the non-reporting. How far does this problem reach? Is it possible that given what appears to be an extensive effort to avoid transparency, this situation indicates that there could be other cases of a similar nature or worse that were not reported?

Why was Mr. Jordan initially allowed to resign in good standing? One assumes he took his retirement package with him, as will Mr. Chivaro in June.

If one considers the school district like a family, the Superintendent is like a parent and sets the moral tone of a school. What have we here in Yamhill-Carlton School District for a moral code?

What are we teaching our children and are we protecting them?


A school district the size of Y-C has a superintendant, principal, and dean of students? Sounds a bit top heavy to me.


Thanks for the contribution. We checked, but missed it.
The publicly posted findings, which consist of several pages spelling out the actions and response in considerable detail, indicate Jordan was guilty of two similar but somewhat less egregious actions (my characterization) that led the TSPC to place him on three years probation in August 2009. That means he was still under official TSPC probation when the new incidents took place in December and January.
We will include some reference and a brief description in our next print story.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor



Mr Jordan was disciplined under the current principal, Gretchen Brunner and the current administrator Mr. Chivaro. This creates even more questions as to what type of oversight Mr. Jordan was receiving and how they could expect us to believe that they knew nothing of this situation. We are putting and our tax dollars and trust into individuals who demonstrate a blatant disregard for the laws and procedures that are designed to keep our children safe.

troy prouty

There is this hole in the story, for example "

"In the second, he said, the girl said Jordan bragged about being able to pin her against a wall, then proceeded to do so. He grabbed her arms near her shoulders, then pushed her up against the wall and held her there, she said."

It really doesn't discuss how him and the student were there together to begin with or what exactly was happening in the exchange on why they were there.

I guess that will come out in trial, unless those close to this would like to discuss it here?

Personally I would like to see more explanation of things. It seems we always here one side of this person is the victim this person is the bad guy and we focus on the bad guy, not the other. BUT I would like the whole story, not just thehalf that sells or makes for great prosecution to sell an election at another date.

troy prouty*


He was arrested for that??? Are you kidding me?
Boorish behavior that shouldn't happen? Absolutely!
Would I be mad if it was my daughter? Yes.
A reprimand? Sure.
Get fired for it? Okay, maybe because it happened again.
But a crime? A crime??? Arrested by the police? Wow, I'm speechless. What has this world come to? I mean really, a crime and arrested for doing that. Crazy. No wonder the kids are so out of control these days.


Maybe all those folks who rushed to defend those two boys at Patton (who really were sexually harassing and assaulting those girls) will come to his defense.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"What has this world come to?"

It comes down to this, Mack. Back in the day when we all lived in the real world, a father such as myself (excluding you of course) would have been fully within his rights to knock the living daylights out of the prick for having laid his hands on any female in such MANNER.

The s.o.b would've been sporting a raccoon mask for about a month if he'd touched/treated one of my daughters that way.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Somebody's clock needs adjusting here and it ain't mine. I posted the above comment at 04:44.

Michael Tubbs Sr

And before you reply to my statement, Mack, I know what you'll say. You'll say that I can't do legally do that, that I'd be arrested for assault.

And I have actually been arrested for assault, just once in my life (so far) and it was for knocking the living daylights out of a prick so hard that it actually left him 'sporting a raccoon mask' for about a month.

Though, the District Attorney of Mendocino County did decline to prosecute in the interest of justice. The arrest still remains on my record, go figure?


Mack...of course he was arrested for that. THAT is not why kids are out of control these days...persons in a position of authority should never put their hands on children...let me rephrase that...NOBODY should put their hands on ANYONE. Harassment is harassment, assault is assault. This is NOT the first time he has been in trouble for this, and this is not something that a teacher should be doing to a student. EVER. If he felt like he needed to "discipline" those is not his job as the teacher, and 2...that is certainly not the way to go about it. There seems to be more to the story. As a parent, I reserve the right to prosecute ANYONE who lays hands and/or harms my children in any way. I believe that we spend alot of money prosecuting people who at times do not deserve it, but this "man" deserves it. If he had learned from the first incident, he would not do it again....he was not prosecuted (legally) for the first incident, and he did it yes, as a mom the first time my child does something that it inappropriate or wrong, he gets a time out...the second time he gets in trouble....this teacher was still on his "time out" and he did it again..therefore, we step up the punishment. It was his choice to act this way....he is an adult and knows right from is time he faces the music.


Was he doing this in a joking around sort of way or as a serious attempt at discipline. I guess I just assumed it was an attempt at being funny.
If it was a serious attempt at discipline...well, thats a lot more serious.
Does anyone know which it was?


I have no idea what sort of demeanor he displayed. However, I do know that when he engaged in similar acts two years earlier, they were taken so seriously that he was placed on three years probation by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, which ordered him to have NO physical contact whatsoever with students. If you are on formal TSPC probation and under formal TSPC order, does your demeanor really matter? Obviously, those in a position to make the call did not view such conduct as some kind of joke. Shouldn't that by itself inform one's future conduct? He knew he was at risk of losing his job over such actions and engaged in them anyway -- on two separate occasions in successive months -- according to the police report.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


Sent yesterday from our superintendent:

"To YCSD parents and community members: The District regrets any adverse publicity it has recently received. As always, our first priority is protecting the safety of students. That overriding policy is followed by our need to guard legally protected employee rights. Please know that from the very beginning, we followed both our contractual and legal responsibilities, as we understood them. Throughout every step of the process, we relied on the guidance of legal counsel to ensure our obligations were met. We understand your questions and we understand the apprehension born from lack of information. We also hope you understand, how for some, truth is never as clear as it is when told by someone without all the facts. The problem is the law often prevents us from revealing the details of situations that occur with students or staff members. More than anything, we hope you never forget what a great school system this is. One filled with wonderful students and dedicated staff. We also hope we always remember how in this great nation of ours, people have the right to voice concerns and those accused have the right to be heard. Steve Chivaro, Superintendent"

I find this letter disingenuous and patronizing. No remorse is shown for not reporting, only for "adverse publicity."

Truth is the best way to protect our children.

His retirement...Our tax dollars.


Everyone here is so quick to convict and crucify a man solely on an accusation, yes he has a record but how do we know he was the one who violated his probation or initiated contact, "maybe he was taunted, or maybe he did submit this students behavior thru the proper chain of command and was ignored,hoping it would never be brought up again or that the nusance would go away, "hint".how do we know this particular student does not have psychological issues,drugs,low self esteem,poor diet etc,etc,etc,. not trying to defend this man, but we need to get both sides of the story before we go knocking people out.


Michael Tubbs Sr

Semper Fi to you, too, EAGLEEYE ;)

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