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Ex-Linfielder pleads guilty to pair of robbery counts

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They consulted the internet and detemined what they had was a tracking device, so they then decided to "hide" it in their own vehicle parked out front? Sounds like Linfield was the winner in being able to make room for a student who might posess some sort of intelligence...

troy prouty

I would do another segment was the crime worth it.

But since they have not been sentenced yet.

But let me just say $1,380.00 and $1,370.00. WOW.. Not exactly the big money loads you see done on those tv crime shows or in the Movies eh?

And.. Now you face several years in prison, fines, fees, probation and will have a hard time finding employment when you do get out and even a place to live.. Nice!

so.. do the math.. When you finanlly get out. You will be lucky to have a job, the job you will have will not help much in paying off fines etc... and you will struggle to live for a while (housing, food etc) when you get out (Not always) but mostly. The good news is your young so there might be a time table that will give you a chance to improve. May I suggest

Troy Prouty*

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