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Evergreen not answering lawsuits

All four were complaints alleging failure to pay for goods or services.

Griley Air Freight, suing Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprise, won a default judgment for $136,645 on Jan. 15 when EAGLE put up no defense. Griley alleged failure to pay for services rendered.

ATI Aviation Services LLC. won a default judgment for $49,467, plus 9 percent interest, on Jan. 7. Its action alleged failure of Evergreen International Airlines to pay repair bills from November 2011.

Laughlin Oil Co., based in McMinnville, has filed a pair of lawsuits naming Evergreen Agricultural Services and Evergreen founder Del Smith. In them, it alleges failure to pay for fuel deliveries dating back to 2010.

One lawsuit seeks payment of an allegedly past due amount of $53,187, the other payment of an allegedly past due amount of $36,250. A large portion of the delinquencies date back more than 120 days, the suits allege.

According to Loughlin, Evergreen last made a payment on the first account in May and the second account in September.



This is just a few. There are many more to come very soon. Including mine own as a non-paid employee (former employee).

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