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Eugene seeks to limit wild parties

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Michael Tubbs Sr

The wildest party I've ever attended was a 'Toga Party' thrown by the Yosemite Park employee's held at the Ahwahnee. Even law enforcement showed up in bed-sheets that night!

What a lovely night that was. The captain of the park's fire department was going on vacation and had offered some of us the intimacy of his back yard for the week of the big party, that is, as long as we'd promised to not feed the raccoon's.


�The problem isn�t partying, the problem isn�t the students,� he said Tuesday. �The problem is we don�t have communication between the university and students, between the students and community members and among neighbors in general about their responsibilities.�

I hope this young man wakes up to reality some day. Sounds like he is a student in a hippie commune. Oh, wait a minute, he is.
Nothing is wrong, nothing is anybody's fault, we just all need to communicate better...

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