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Enrollment flat in Yamhill County

Statewide enrollment edged up 2,768 to 563,714, according to the Oregon Department of Education, which conducts an official count each fall. The increase is just under half a percent.

Countywide enrollment rose 6 to 16,444. That makes the rate of increase 0.036 percent, less than a tenth that of the state.

Only three of the county’s districts actually showed growth — Amity, up 42 or 4.9 percent to 900; Newberg, 67 or 1.3 percent to 5,151; and Sheridan, 5 or 0.47 percent to 1,060. The other four all reported decreases — Dayton, down 14 or 1.5 percent to 943; McMinnville, down 25 or 0.39 percent to 6,465; Willamina, down 43 or 5.2 percent to 785; and Yamhill-Carlton, down 26 or 2.2 percent to 1,140.

The student bodies at most Yamhill County districts are almost equally divided by gender. However, enrollment is 54 percent male in Willamina and 55 percent male in Yamhill-Carlton.

Anglo students account for the biggest share of enrollment in every district, ranging from 56 percent in Dayton and 64 percent in McMinnville to 85 percent in Yamhill-Carlton. Latino students are next, accounting for 37 percent of the enrollment in Dayton, 32 percent in McMinnville, 19 percent in Newberg and 13 percent or less in the other districts.

Willamina has the largest share of students identifying themselves as Native American at 25 percent. Sheridan has the largest share identifying themselves as multiracial at 10 percent.

The state takes its official count Oct. 1, but enrollment fluctuates throughout the school year. For example, McMinnville enrollment stood at 6,461 in December 2012, but dropped to 6,411 over winter break.

According to the state report, McMinnville is the state’s 20th largest school district. Newberg ranks 31st, Yamhill-Carlton 85th, Sheridan 88th, Dayton 90th, Amity 92nd and Willamina 101st.

Counting regional ESDs, there are 211 districts in the state. Two ESDs and 17 local districts, mostly on Oregon’s sparse east side, enroll 10 or fewer students.

An Oct. 1 enrollment of 1,969 made Mac High the 10th largest school in the state.

The largest school is the online-only Oregon Connections Academy, enrolling 3,268. The largest brick-and-mortar school is David Douglas, followed by Reynolds, Clackamas, Oregon City, McNary and three Beaverton schools.

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