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Employment rights permeate MPD case

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troy prouty

I think it more a case within the justice system these days that we don't see the same rules applied. Obviously like previously stated. Government and individuals have a set of different rules to follow a lot of the time. Are you acting on behalf of government enforcement (like an officer) or like a (citizen) officer out of uniform and off duty. I bring this up, because it becomes clear that when an officer does something on the job that is questionable. There is often a price attached to it, where if a citizen does it,l there might be a price and sentence.

Some States (Washington) have even passed laws that make it more difficult to prosecute an officer that does something why on duty. (Thanks Talmedge)..... The one out of course is Federal Law.. Who usually can get bring charges toward an officer (but won't unless someone dies) like in the case in Spokane for example.. OR if it is a huge problem of police abuse, step in and set rules (Like in the case of Seattle Police). In most of those cases they are not looking at the act, but what led to the act.

On a whole this is a small community in which I personally feel the city police do a pretty good job at respecting everyone's rights. There will always be some discrepencies in what was said and possible put in reports (because that is human nature).. I have had a few more concerns with some smaller issues with the Sherriff office in some circumstances (But it appears) it might be more of people needing further training in certain areas, I don't feel the majority of issues are related to (abuse of power) intentionally.. But more of Mens Rea..... type of thing.

Last tidbit .... 4th and 5th amendment as well... wink...


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