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Embezzler gets 26-month term

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troy prouty

Another Segment was the crime worth it - you be the Judge!

Although there are facts missing like Fines, Fee's and Victim Compensation which I hope all three apply. Lets just start with the simple:

She stole $14,000.00 She gets 26 months of prison. That is a profit of about $538.00 per month while sitting in prison figuring she doesn't have any of those things applied above. BUT personally I think she will. She is also sentenced to 60 months of probation of a cost at least $2100.00 for probation fee's. so that actually makes her total amount less - It's about $457.00 a month overall.

Was this crime worth it?

Troy Prouty*


I'm personally confused... How is it that they had no evidence on Carol, yet she was still found guilty. Also she was not the ONLY one that handled money. So they should of actually found the true criminal instead of ruining her and her families life's. The only proof of evidence that they had was a video showing her handling money. THAT WAS HER JOB!!! And the fact that money would come up missing when she WASNT working that day is ridiculous. They had no hard evidence. And the judge was extremely rude. So the justice system is extremely messed up. Now she has to sit in jail for something she DIDNT do. I personally feel the system went the wrong way and messed up an innocent person has to suffer....


When confronted, Kuehnel admitted to a company loss prevention supervisor that she had been pocketing money. She even provided a signed and dated confession.

"She said she took the money because of financial reasons," Chao said. "The investigation took two years before Albertsons figured out \who was responsible."

@Hollywood how do you come up with her not being guilty? maybe you missed the above part of the article !!! Maybe that will help your confusion?

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