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Ellie Gunn - Standing for peace

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While I respect these folks and feel that their intentions are sincere I see things from a different perspective.
All of us want peace but sometimes, unfortunately, war IS the answer.
I for one am deeply grateful to President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their courage in going to war against terrorists. And for President Obama and Vice President Biden and their courage in continuing to wage it even in the midst of disagreement from the fringe, left wing of their party. I am also deeply grateful to our men and women in uniform who have been willing to protect us. They have had the courage to protect our country and even give their lives sometimes in the face of vile, bitter and hateful criticism.
Eleven years out now from 911 and we have been kept safe from terrorism. The library, fire station and police station still stand. No craters. Sadly, war HAS been the answer.
I shudder to think of the violence and bloodshed and carnage that would befall the entire world us if not for these brave leaders and soldiers who fight for peace and liberty.
I long for the day when the whole world can and will live in peace. And that day will come. Until then, God bless our soldiers and leaders. And God bless the USA.

David Bates

President Bush launched an offensive (illegal) war in a sovereign country (that had nothing to do with 9/11) for the purpose of advancing U.S. interests in the Middle East. It is astonishing to me that a decade later, some folks are still parroting the thoroughly discredited Bush-Cheney narrative about Iraq.

Also, it is dishonest to suggest that �disagreement� with U.S. policy in Iraq comes only from the �fringe, left wing.� Polling data gathered by a variety of news organizations over a period of years have consistently shown overwhelming opposition throughout the country to the invasion and occupation -- under both Bush and Obama.

As of mid-December 2011, according to CNN/ORC, it was 66 percent of Americans opposed and 31 percent in favor. There certainly are fringes in American politics, but opposition to the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan) has been solidly mainstream.


Mack: War is not the answer! People seem to forget why we are at war. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan were planned by the Bush crew before 9/11. Remember the elaborate lie created by Rove, Rumsfeld and Cheney? Faking documents with stolen Italian stationary? Lying to the men and women in congress, swearing there were WMDs and invasion was the only answer? Well, years later we are still there. Nobody remembers the trickery that got us there. NOBODY can sum up a real excuse in one sentence... why are we occupying these countries (and 146 other sovereign nations worldwide for that matter)? It has nothing to do with war on terrorists, our freedoms, our protection or any of the lame reasons people struggle to come up with to rationalize the vague justification we are sold. The majority of U.S. citizens did not want to invade and do not want to remain. The vast majority of earthlings are opposed to our aggression. Who wants these wars? WAR PROFITEERS! All wars are fought for one reason: There is money to be made! END WAR PROFIT and the occupations would end by the weekend, no capitalist would support a war that drains their bank accounts rather than add to them.

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