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Early line on session not very encouraging

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Don Dix

“An effort in the Oregon Legislature to phase out arsenic, cadmium, mercury, bisphenol A, formaldehyde and other potentially toxic chemicals from some children’s products looks likely to fail after intense lobbying from chemical, toy and business interests.”

So the money (received from these lobbyists throughout the election cycle) has more influence on the legislature than the health of our children. I'll bet that wasn't in any campaign promises!


I was at a Senate Judiciary meeting yesterday in which Sen. Prozanski was the chair. There were a couple of occasions when a person testifying "suggested" that lobby money was the push behind his bill. Senator Prozanski interrupted each time with a two word response: "Prove it!"

I thought it was rather rude and childish for him to interrupt like that with nothing more than "Prove it!" to say. It does make one wish they had the time, money and forensic accounting skills to do just exactly that!

The challenge has been laid out, how about it News Register, Oregonian, Statesman Journal. Up to the task?

Don Dix

In this 'era of change', about the only thing that has changed is the names of the crooks!

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