By Don Iler • News Editor • 

Dwelling authorized for man's ailing mom

He was seeking approval for constructing a house for his ailing mother on a 15-acre parcel east of Sheridan on Dusty Drive. The hardship application would permit him to add a separate dwelling using the same septic system. 

Two of Levy’s neighbors raised concerns.

James Ruggles said while he supported Levy’s application, he was concerned about the ability of the steep access road to handle emergency vehicles. He asked that Levy cover the cost of improvement.

Commissioner Dan Armstrong asked Ruggles if he would be willing to pay a quarter of the cost because four homes rely on the road. He initially said he was willing to pay “a portion,” but when pressed, said he would consider paying up to a quarter.

Van and Glenda Keck opposed the application. They said they were concerned about the impact placement of a manufactured home on the property would have on their view and property values. 

“If a manufactured home goes in there, not only will it be an eyesore, it will block 25 percent of the view,” Van Keck said. “He could care less about what he sees or what the neighbors see here,” he said of Levy. “The phrase ‘curb appeal’ isn’t in his vocabulary.”

He said a diminished view fueled his concern.

Levy responded by saying to planned to place the home on the north side of the current residence. He said it would be tucked into the side of the hill, thus would not be visible from the road. 

Commissioners approved the application without additional conditions. Opponents have 15 days to appeal to the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners.

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