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Dundee man arrested on multiple sex abuse charges

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The article should be corrected to read, the SUSPECT not hte VICTIM in the 2nd paragraph. Thank you.


I would consider making that change before too many people read this. That might be offensive to the actual victims!


Spell check the word "relationship." Really, NR.


I really hope our justice system works in this case. This guy always gave me the creeps but I surely didnt think he was capable of this, I guess i'd like to believe no one is. How dare you Robert steal the innocence of these girls, how dare you?? I know that you will never see this and hopefully you'll be put away so long I'll never have to see you but if I do I hope god gives me strength to control myself. RIH Mr. Wirth.


Yes, let's focus on grammatical errors instead of the story, c'mon! what's important here is that they caught this creep and if/when found guilty he will be in jail for a long time

Dances with Redwoods

I agree with Zak.

skull crusher

I too agree with Zak.

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