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Dumping bracelet spells return to jail

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troy prouty

A lesson will keep beng repeated (in various forms) until it is learned (if that day comes).

Troy Prouty*


"....if that day comes...."

Some alcoholics have to hit a rock bottom before they will follow through on any decision to quit. For some, rock bottom becomes their comfort zone.

troy prouty

Did I not give the family on my post? :


Change the thoughts.. You will change the behavior.

troy prouty*


Alcoholism is a disease and should be treated as so. Mike Tubbs, this behavior is called "learned behavior" .In Psychology and it effects all aspects of society on some level or another. Unfortunately, alcoholics, and drug addicts have a larger disadvantage here because "rock bottom" has become like home. warm and comfy. I have met people that are cool with going to jail regularly. It's like a vacation for them. No responsibilities, no paying rent, you know the saying; three hots and a cot.

Troy, changing thoughts is not as easy as thoughts=feelings=action/behavior. We have been programmed from childhood how to feel/think/act. Changing this programming can be difficult.

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