By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Driving spree lands Linfielder in jail

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According to the police report, he won't be 21 until June.
Did he get served using a fake ID? How much did he drink at the bar? Is the bar liable for his being drunk; was he drunk when he got there; or did he drink more after he left the bar?

Very poor judgement by all 3 guys--where was their designated driver? Never get in a vehicle when the driver has done drugs or alcohol! They should have left the truck parked downtown and walked home!
It is amazing no people or animals were hurt because he chose to break the law many times while driving like a crazy man in the neighborhood.

Since he lives off of Border Lane, he must know that people are out walking, biking, skateboarding. Kids are everywhere..

How could he be so stupid as to turn onto the WRONG side of the street and hit a parked car and shove it totally up on the sidewalk? How fast was he driving? He needs to pay for all the damages he caused and especially for ruining a family's car and causing people to be without power due to his heavy drinking and stupidity. Mac Water and Light need to get every penny of the cost of replacing the power pole from him and his parents if he is under 21. I am glad the police are totaling up the damages and everyone affected gets paid.

I hope he has to spend a bunch of time in jail and is kicked out of college and off of the football team. What bad PR for that great college.

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