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Driving spree lands Linfielder in jail

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Forman s truck after his arrest on charges that he drove over lawns and struck parked cars.
Submitted photo
Forman's truck after his arrest on charges that he drove over lawns and struck parked cars.

He was apprehended by police when he returned to his residence in his Ford F-series pickup.

Capt. Matt Scales identified the student as Colin Robert Forman, 21, of 1742 S.E. Queenborough St. He said Forman’s blood alcohol content registered .25, more than three times the .08 marking the presumptive level of intoxication in Oregon.

Forman was lodged in the Yamhill Coungty Jail on two counts of recklessly endangering another person and one count each of driving under the influence of intoxicants, hit-and-run, first-degree criminal mischief and reckless driving. Bail was set at $32,500, pending his arraignment at 1:20 p.m. Thursday in circuit court.

There were two male students riding with him, ages 22 and 21. Police said they were visibly intoxicated, but were not charged in connection with the incidents.

The Yamhill Communications Agency started receiving 911 calls about 7:45 regarding a pickup being driven erratically, causing multiple crashes.

Scales gave this account:

After giving a presentation on campus Wednesday, the three went downtown to the Old Oak, 326 N.E. Davis St., to drink. They headed back to the campus area, with Forman at the wheel.

During the rampage, he knocked down a 40-foot McMinnville Water & Light pole on Morgan Lane, near its intersection with Davis Street, cutting power to the area for several hours.

Forman also crashed head-on into a Volkswagen Jetta parked on the north side of Border Lane, pushing it about 40 feet backward and up onto a sidewalk. He crashed into a utility trailer sitting in a driveway in the 400 block of Border Lane, pushing it into a van.

Additionally, he knocked over several mailboxes on the south side of Morgan Lane, and ripped through the front yards of several residences, before returning home.

His two passengers had gone their separate ways by the time police located the pickup and apprehended Forman, but cooperated when located.

Neither Forman nor his passengers were injured. Scales said it was fortunate no pedestrians were walking on sidewalks or crossing streets during the wave of destruction, which he termed extensive.

McMinnville Water & Light had to send a five-member crew out to replace the power pole.

Engineering and Operations Manager John Dietz estimated that alone would run between $10,000 and $15,000. He said a crew was sent out about 8 p.m. Wednesday, a few hours after the incident, and didn’t finish until 2 a.m. Thursday. They received overtime pay. Clean-up work was completed later in the morning.

More than two dozen customers were without power for several hours as a result of the pole being knocked over.

The Jetta suffered severe damage and the other vehicles lesser damage, police said, and the yard and mailbox damage will serve to swell the total amount.



home gardener

According to the police report, he won't be 21 until June.
Did he get served using a fake ID? How much did he drink at the bar? Is the bar liable for his being drunk; was he drunk when he got there; or did he drink more after he left the bar?

Very poor judgement by all 3 guys--where was their designated driver? Never get in a vehicle when the driver has done drugs or alcohol! They should have left the truck parked downtown and walked home!
It is amazing no people or animals were hurt because he chose to break the law many times while driving like a crazy man in the neighborhood.

Since he lives off of Border Lane, he must know that people are out walking, biking, skateboarding. Kids are everywhere..

How could he be so stupid as to turn onto the WRONG side of the street and hit a parked car and shove it totally up on the sidewalk? How fast was he driving? He needs to pay for all the damages he caused and especially for ruining a family's car and causing people to be without power due to his heavy drinking and stupidity. Mac Water and Light need to get every penny of the cost of replacing the power pole from him and his parents if he is under 21. I am glad the police are totaling up the damages and everyone affected gets paid.

I hope he has to spend a bunch of time in jail and is kicked out of college and off of the football team. What bad PR for that great college.

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