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Driver gets 28 months for DUII crash

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I can only hope that people can take a warning from this story. Cherry Hill is a very dangerous road and drivers, pedestrians, joggers, bike riders and dog walkers ALL need to use caution when on Cherry Hill at all hours of the day or night.

DRIVERS need to watch their speed for many reasons, there are deer galore and they do not look before crossing Cherry Hill. Also, people use Cherry Hill as their own personal gym but PEDESTRIANS need to walk along the edges NOT in the middle of the road or the middle of each lane because in the afternoon, the shadows from the trees and glare from the sun in your eyes make it hard to see especially rounding a corner.

Many people walk up and down Cherry Hill after dark with no flashlight or reflective wear along with animals roaming in the dark on the road. (This includes the golden or beige colored lab like dog that lives 3/4 of the way up Cherry Hill on the right just before the final curves} He loves to sleep in the middle of the road. People ride horses up and down Cherry Hill and you just do not see them if you are coming around a corner.

It is the first place people go to "play in the snow" during the winter. Cars get stuck or stall and are abandoned right on the road at times. Keep in mind when it is windy branches and trees fall on the road.

Cherry Hill is beautiful but with its SHARP curves, steep hills, nature and wildlife it can be dangerous.

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