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Driver charged following 99W/Lafayette Avenue crash

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Those first three paragraphs are really important, I guess.


It was a reading test. You passed. :)


I don't understand your comment, oregonmommy? What was wrong with it?


In the initial version, the three opening paragraphs were repeated.



Man, this crowd is TOUGH, they point out every single litte mistake...I have seen those types of comments often, like it's that important! NR, I think you do a great job!

Dances with Redwoods


Do all those that contribute to what we read online, such as reporter's, columnist's, film/book reviewers actually make their own that a process done by someone other than the author's?

Obviously, that would be the case for the printed version.

Dances with Redwoods

Just curious, not complaining, I'm prone to misspelling 'alot' myself.


It's a completely different process.
Print stories get a first edit where structure, content and sourcing are addressed in addition to style, grammar and usage. Then they undergo a second edit for final correcting and polishing. Finally, the entire paper is proofread by an individual dedicated to that function. Myriad changes and corrections are incorporated at the various stages in the process.
Online stories are typically composed on the same crude online word-processing system you and I am using here, and posted directly by the author. They get no immediate editing, though editors try to peruse them later and may make revisions then.
The print approach is much less typo-prone, but also much slower. If we held up every online story until it could go through out normal editing process, or even a compressed version of that, it would build in a lot of delay. After all, we publish 24-7 online, with reporters often filing from home or remote locations at odd hours.

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