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Drinking set stage for tragedy, parties say

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"Alcohol is a poison. It's not safe to consume, period," she said.- It's amazing how ignorant some people can be. Just because one person has an alcohol problem it doesn't mean that everybody else is putting themselves in harms way by consuming alcohol. There are plenty of successful people out there that drink often. Some people are born losers and alcohol makes it worse. Others are contributing members of society and are able to demonstrate self control after drinking. Prohibition of any kind is the stupidest idea that man has ever come up with.

skull crusher

I agree with you 100% Nate. You make several good points. I'm sorry this tragedy happened but alcohol won't make horrible things happen to all people.


I couldnâ��t agree with you more Nate but we have to cut her a little slack for believing this at this time. She just lost her brother and her fiancée is going to prison. People over-react when theyâ��ve had a hard emotional impact like this. Canâ��t blame her or any other one person for feeling this way, but we can blame law makers if they make an exception the rule.


"I'll never take another drink the rest of my life."

That's probably a good idea, as it's much easier to make sober decisions when you are.


yeah ban it ban everything! big government FTW!




For The Win, I was being sarcastic. if you couldn't tell.



Thank you for clearing that up, not at all what I was thinik'n. I only recently just added TMI to my vocabulary, never have been good when it comes to boiling down anachronisms.

For instance, when I'd first heard TMI used in a sentence, I'd actually thought it to be a shorthanded description of something that might cause a man's testicle to dry up and fall off. Took me a few I know...whew what a relief that was. Boy was I happy to find out it wasn't some kinda relapse that had me walk'n around all dressed-up like John Wayne strut'n the boulevard in a pair of Fat Lady pants.


I was on the phone, and in a bit of a pinch. just tried to make it quick.


If you've ever seen photo's of her from back in the day at KFAT, you can't help but notice she's always the one with a bottle of Jack Daniel's in hand.

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