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Drag the Gut officials remind participants that laws apply

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Just Lookin

Obey the laws is easy to say, but many were breaking the laws. Driving without lights, driving with headlights and foglights on, kids not in car seats, adults not wearing seatbelts in cars equipped with seatbelts. Talking on cell phones, or texting while driving. Doing burn outs on the street. It is too bad that some are not able to follow the laws.


Oh no people driving 2mph without seatbelt. No headlights on oh no. We should have a burnout compeition next year.


We were lucky if we DID get up to 2 mph.....too funny. What a blast!! Just a lot of good clean fun on a special night in downtown McMinnville. Yes a burn-out next year, just make it is one certain place, where all are out of danger.

Just Lookin

No matter what, people will find "justification" for breaking the law. Laws are in place for a reason. The organizers put the word out each year, the laws are to obeyed. Perhaps if people can not obey the laws, then do not permit it next year? The idea was for a "cruise the gut" event. Burnouts need to be elsewhere,

HS mom

Just Lookin get over yourself!! Perhaps if you cant handle it stay home next year!

Michael Tubbs Sr

Sounds like everybody but 'Just Lookin' fully enjoyed the event. Reading this article brought back some good memories.


Oh my gosh yes, good clean fun!! We had a couple of reunions of which I got to partake in one, the best one. I normally don't even like cars, but spirits were high, and everyone was in a great mood to just have some fun. It looked like the entire town had turned out for the "Dragging the Gut" festival. Well done organizing this Ruben, well done. You've got my mark.


Justlookin its the "hotrod culture." This is one of the best mannered cruises i have ever been to (not a bad thing). Burnout in the evening would be a blast rope off a big parking lot. (This is a common practice at car cruises Justlookin.) I think they should do something to better flow traffic thought like shut side streets off and bypass the lights on 3rd. The chevy dealership down by the bridge would be a good starting/ gathering point. It would also be fun to have a full on car cruise down 99 say over by riteade lot more people can be packed in there. Its great to see us doing something like this. Any one ever been to function in junction? (junction city cruise?)

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