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Doom or bloom?

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Christopher W. Osborn

What did I do today that I regret or need to undo? As long as I can keep the regrets and re-doing to the bare minimum, the world could end in the next 15 minutes and I will be at ease with myself. I'll miss the Raspberries and Black Currants I put in last spring and it's hard to take the predictions of a lost civilization or the musings of some dead white guy with more than a grain of salt but for those in need of superficial conversation starters........ We'll all be done here soon enough and for a lot of folks there will be relief in that exit. I remember be forced to read 1984, some years before I graduated high school in 1981. If Jim Jones couldn't get us to go to Guyana, there was always David Koresh or hitching a ride on Hale-Bopp. Then there was Y2K. Wasn't that a hoot? Next week I am going to start selling products that will ensure survival against the end of civilization as we know it. Mayan Pet Rock Mood Pendants, the Guide To Nostradon'tknoweverything and my personal favorite, Erin Go Wicky-Wicky This Way And The Wacky Wiccan (Druid outfits, coconut half-shells, grass skirts and bonfire materials sold separately) will be on sale at Bambergers and other fine stores. If I don't survive the end of the world, at least I may go in luxury and not end up getting sued.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"What did I do today that I regret or need to undo?"

I watched Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' last night, and in having done so, have now decided that blue is no longer my favorite color.

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