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Domestic violence sweep results in 10 arrests

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I once knew a person that use to be a counselor that dealt with woman that had Borderline Personality Disorder and kept observing how so many of these females made up stories that kept getting their (ex) arrested out for revenge, eventually this person decided to get a law degree and defend clients.

Interesting world we live in these days. Being direct is socially not acceptable, court system a mess in a black and white form and one never knows who to believe or accept testimony from and basically the burden of proof (depends on the IQ of those rational enough to understand No, Yes or Maybe...)...

Troy Prouty*


I need to ask this as a citizen. But why if someone was breaking the law, would you wait until a national yealy national event happens to enforce it?

I mean we don't see a national arrest the bank robber day, or arrest the murdered day?

It appears to me this seems like a loaded "Let's take it serious" day.. why not take it serious 365 days a year?

Give it your best shot Jack>?



. . Michael Dale Chandler, 35
this guy weighs close to 400'd think just about anyone could run away from him....and he was almost sweet in high school, what happens to people?

I agree, this is something that needs to be taken seriously everyday.


Sadly Troy as with everything there are people who make up things and that is very wrong. But domestic violence is very real and also varies in degree. I do not consider myself a victim but a survivor and they called my ex a terrorist yet the law slapped him on the hand twice on his convictions. I'm physically disabled, needing medical care from others and paying for the rest of my life with my independence and freedom for what happened to me. When are they going to take the serious one serious and wake up. The first conviction they warned him and they second time they judge was reminded and yet he didn't follow through with his threat of the serious time, he did no time. Yet I'm doing lifetime. The restraining order is just a piece of paper if they don't follow through with punishment after the multiple arrests.

Dances with Redwoods

"I once knew a person...."

Me, too, Troy. It took a coupla years of arrests and confinement to make the case, but eventually, a judge by the name of Ladoris Cordell (God bless her) read through the mountain of bull shit and said..."NO MORE"....and the order was quashed.

Not too long afterward, she took her place as a California Supreme Court Judge.

What had she said no more to? A domestic violence restraining order that had been issued and used for no other reason than to effectively deny a man visitation with his children.

Dances with Redwoods

Sometimes, life can really suck, what is a guy to do?

My advice? Go plant some Redwood trees and try to 'forget-about-it'

Dances with Redwoods

"Sadly.... as with anything there are people that make up things and that is very wrong." -djr

I was standing in the library above the Yamhill County Jail, for an arraignment via video camera, Judge Collins was setting my bail at $85,000.00 and had commented that I'de been previouly been arrested for attempted murder.

I'd tried to explain to the judge that that had not been the case at all, what I'd actually done was tried to commit suicide, and the judge whom had presided over that case (after viewing photographs made of my bathroom walls) agreed with me, He'd stated..."i've never been more convinced, based upon evidence and sworned testimony, that anyone has ever taken as hard a run at killing themself as you have."

The judge found me guilty of commiting a misdomeaner, he asked for, and the district attourney agreed, to reduce the charge from a felony. I plead guilty to the charge of discharging a firearm within the city limits, and agreed to the terms of my sentence....

...which was probation, and to seek counseling for depression.Which I did...that was back in 1980. Judge Collins and the District Attorney of Yamhill County would have none of that, instead, my bail was doubled. Go Figure?

Nobody gives a rats ass about the truth, especially, when it gets in the way of a conviction.

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