By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Dogs seized for second time

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Here we go again! 33 days?! I still go back to the original words used by the DA..."The best interest of the dog." Clearly he has been proven wrong in just 33days! It makes me absolutely sick that our justice system failed these dogs. Just because they are animals and not people does not mean that they do not deserve to be treated well!

Such a sad case. Thankfully, these dogs have wonderful people that are willing to take them on WITH all of the baggage they have attained from living with Ms. Croan.


Plea agreement, plea agreement- what kind of pleas do the dogs need to do to deserve to live in a loving home? It is not enough they are suffering and starving? This is shameful that our county thinks so little of animals to allow this treatment to prevail.
The fact that the dogs were taken to begin with should have been enough to ban this woman from ever having animals again.
Shameful to think the dog suffered through it's cancer and was thrown into a bag and left without proper burial.
The true cancer here is Ms. Croan and the failed attempt at justice.
Plea agreements are the single most devastating thing to affect our justice system.

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