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Dog Control says don't call us; call dispatch

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I would really like to know what in the hell our dog licencing fees are going towards. I'm thinking I just might have to telling animal control when they come around asking for licences to talk to the sheriff's office, not me.


you make a good point....if the kennel costs are contracted out and there is no longer any dog control service, seems like the license fees should be reduced....


Perhaps that will be happening soon. "A change of the licensing fee structure will be occurring in the near future..."


macrider I sincerely doubt the fees will decrease in any way. First, they're doing away with multiple year registrations, killing one of the few ways to save money if the licensing costs. Second l, the government tends to not remove or reduce fees or taxes on anything once they're established. As far as I've observed over the years this tendency has no relation to whether services increase, decrease, or stay the same. Oregon at least forces the government to return tax money for surplus years.


I want to make sure I understand this correctly: dog control is now going to exist solely to issue licenses, collect fees, and keep records on the licenses and fees? It says the purpose of that is to insure rabies vaccination, but vets already issue a rabies tag with a number unique to the dog. Why can't we pay a few extra $$ for the vaccine so they can set up a network that records all vaccinated dogs and the police can just access it? Seems completely pointless to have a separate system administrated by an agency that will no actual involvement with dogs beyond redundant tagging.

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