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Distilled spirits dilemma

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I think the big thing in Washington was trying to be able to purchase alcohol with more convience and 7 days a week, instead of limited hours and closed Sundays. The first version implicated lower cost because more Private companies would compete for business and thus reduce prices, but it also never allowed the amount on top of that the State would still receive. In many ways the people didn't understand the consequences of their vote. (which truthfully doesn't surprise me).

In 2001 I worked hard on attempting to get stores (Still State controlled) to be open 7 days a week (Not all of them) but certain one's it was shot down, while this movement to Privatize built speed from Costco. My goal at that time was to bring more money to Washington through Liquor sales.

The one thing Washington did well in my opinion (yet there were complaints from wine shops) was have wine with weekly specials. It brought more sells and I really ejoyed some of their specials. However I realize money isn't created more than it is transferred from one source to another. Therefore if someone is buying wine from one place, they are not buying it from another. (usually), at least not that bottle per say.

My opinion is I would like to see more stores open 7 days a week and to have stores carry wine and beer that are from our state.

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