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Developers object to raising development charges

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So Developers want all taxpayers to pay for infrastructure problems that they are largely creating?I have yet to see ads put out by car dealerships,lawyers or insurance carriers asking people to move here and we will sell you a car,write up a contract or sell you an insurance policy,but I do see ads for big over priced homes and who profits?DEVELOPERS,how many poor or middle income developers do you know of?
It's all about the money,you reap the profits and leave the taxpayers to pay for the increased property taxes,increased utility bills,increased police and fire taxes and fees,increased personal and property crimes,why should taxpayers pay for your greed.
Developers do not pay enough for the overall problems they cause,traffic on side streets alone is becoming a nightmare,W.2nd needs more traffic lights and that leads right out to what?New development.Half of profits from new development should be taken from Developers to pay for infrastructure,and they would still be in the high income bracket.And I didn't even mention the over crowding in schools.

Don Dix

First, most developers just develop the land -- streets, utilities, etc. -- lots are sold to builders or someone wishing to build a home. After that, the developer is usually out of the loop, unless the project is all in-house from start to finish. Adds for homes, no matter the price, have been around since the inception of mass marketing, however long ago that was.

Second, at some point, property near an existing city boundary will be annexed into that city. Farmland surrounds Mac, always has. But as farmland, the taxes were low ( tax deferral) compared to what the taxes would be on the same property developed. So the property contributes much more to the tax rolls after development.

Third, the population is increasing. More people will not fit into the same amount of dwellings -- new homes in new areas. More people lead to more children, thus schools filling.

These new SDC fees are just another scheme to allow a government to extract more dollars. With the history of poor money management across the government spectrum, why would anyone be in favor of giving them more? Throwing developers under the bus won't change anything -- except for maybe the developer himself.

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