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Deputies crash teen beer bust

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Who bought the booze? Adult or minor? If it was a minor, where did they get it?


Good question - hopefully that's what the cops want to know also -

Live and let Live

wasn't there a story a few years back about how some kids got together to drink and remember their friend who had passed away the prior week, and then one of them died from alcohol poisoning? the kid was from mcminnville, last name ortiz, it was a sad story and teens need to realize that there are many more dangers to drinking alcohol than just driving, hope they learned their lesson

Live and let Live

Read this - 2 alcohol related deaths, tragic.


you know..I heard there were two parties that night, and what I find interesting is that both parties police were involved...and citations for MIP were issued..but only for attendies at the one party..just seems odd to me...I wonder if it was because the other party..(that did not recieve MIP tickets) just happened to have several athletes..HMMM..I heard there was some gray area surrounding the boundries for Yamhill/Polk area..not sure about that either. Also..not really in the loop with the teen crowd too much..but even I know the importance that teens hold for the 4-20 holiday..i am surprised that parents would even consider letting teens have a party on said date..and not know anything of how it would turn out. Seems weird...KARMA people....


Let me also say this. If I were a parent who purchased alcohol for my child to serve at a party, (doesn't matter if there was 5 friends or 100 friends) I would make sure I was out of town too. That way you can just say.."I had no idea that my child would do this" (on one of the biggest teen holidays). I see alot of parents trying so hard to be their kids friends that they forget how to parent. I am not saying I am any better, but my kid was at my house that night and not allowed to go anywhere because of the "holiday", and yes, she thinks "I totally suck" LOL but guess what, my child was not in an ambulance with alcohol poisoning. KARMA..


"...the 4-20 holiday..i am surprised that parents would even consider letting teens have a party on said date..."

Perhaps not every parent recognizes any relevance/significance to day beyond it having fallen on a Friday this year?

Kinda like how 12-25 means something more to some, than it does for others.

Wouldn't you agree?


....heY!...Chief!....When do we get our edit buttons back?


@miketubbs1... okay, I will give you that point, but being an effective parent is trying to learn as much about what affects your teens also right? Do you know what the 4-20 holiday is you have teens. I am just saying, I am really out of the loop and I knew what they were talking about.


Karmatime, I agree with you wholeheartedly, but then again I only just recently learned what 'Sick' means to a teenager and apparently to some adults as well. No, I don't have any teenagers today, neither do I know anything of what the 4-20 holiday is about.

My kids all aged out of their teen years some time ago.


@ miketubbs1 Please do not take me as being rude, was not my intent. I am simply stating that parents today just pretty much ignore there children and act all shocked when they do something so harmful. My child does not want me in her world all the time, and frankly some of the things they tell me I really didn't want to know..but communication is sooo neccessary in todays world with Meth, pot, alcohol..just trying to proctect and parent as much as i can. I just get really upset because out here there is nothing for the kids to do other than drink, use drugs or have sex, and I see sooo many parents who are trying to be their kids friends that they will allow them to cut loose too much, maybe because they don't spend enough time with them or whatever. I just think it is the worst thing you can do is set you kids up for failure. I think these TWO parties should have had equal consequenses, I think shame on the children, yes, but shame on the parents too.


Karmatime, I haven't felt any of your comments to be rude, not at all.

"....and quite frankly some of the things they tell me I really didn't want to know.."

Amen to that, brother. I got a call from one of my daughters last night, of which the purpose of, was to inform that she'd be able to spend a week with my wife and I over this coming 4th of July holiday. That was great news, then she went on to add..."Just got back from a trip to Mexico (one of her friends was getting married soon) for a bachlarrette


....(oops, sorry, hit the wrong button)....from bachelorette party. Quite thankfully she understands my not needing to be filled in on all the gory details, I trust in her judgement and some things are best left unsaid. She then inquired..."So how you doing dad, and I replied..."I'm doing oK...Sweety...had to make a trip up to the Portland VA last week to show a doctor my left testicle (it had been bothering me for the last 6 weeks or so and...." She stopped me right there and said ..."Dad...that's TMI"

Actually took me a minute or so figure out what TMI meant. Other than that, I told her I'd like her sister to figure out what kind of fruit trees they'd like to plant over their upcoming visi,t and we'll try and figure out what least comes close to what the grand kids would prefer.



Too funny! Reverse Psychology! I too find that an effective tool in parenting! LOL


I have to craft my words wisely, she has a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She's been putting herself through college the last four years, and has taken a break in the pursuit Masters.

She's been working as a personal trainer for some years now, so as to support herself while she furthers her education. At the moment she is also working as an unpaid intern in her field of choice, for the Masters degree she is seeking. She's a smart kid, always has been. I used to refer to her as 'Daddy's little Spear Chucker' because of her ability to poke somebody's eye out from a 100+ yards away with a Javelin.


....not that she ever has, but it does comfort me to know that she could.

John Smith Jr

Being satisfied knowing that you can do something without having to prove it to anyone else is true wisdom.

A friend of mine tells me his friend always tease him about a woman that flirts with him, he knows he could get her but if he did he would be unfaithful to his wife just to prove to his friends that he could do it so he says it is enough for my ego to KNOW I could, it is great for my character that I don't.


" I just get really upset because out here there is nothing for the kids to do other than drink, use drugs or have sex,"

Nothing for them to do? Sports, clubs, community clean up, community service, volunteer work at any of the local food banks, church feeding the hungry shelters, animal adoption places, exploring what this county has in the way of hiking, rafting, identifying, community gardening, help to establish a community meeting place for the kids, volunteer to clean graffiti, get involved with cadet programs where available, FFA, start their own business cleaning up dog Doo, raking leaves, mowing yards, washing cars, offer to help people move- I could use that outside help in 2 weeks!- teach them to garden and sell their products at the Saturday market or Thursday market, the list goes on and on. You keep them busy enough and the other things fall to the way side. Know their friends, their friends parents, and their friends. Pick up a phone call to verify when little Johnny says he is going to SAMs house. There are ways to keep them safe, busy, and all the while broadening their potential.

Nothing for them to do my foot.


Police have no authority over private property. No matter the age. No one reported it. Id suggest an out of county lawyer

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